Johnny G. Mills
Product Owner and
Technical Lead

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Johnny G. Mills
Product Owner & Technical Lead

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  • Product Management
  • Software Development
  • User Experience Design: Gamification

Are you looking for that expert generalist? Would you benefit extra from deep and broad technical knowledge? And managing week long seminars single-handed? Open, straightforward, devoted, and results-focused are core to my work ethics. Because of my technical background, I am also able to build proof-of-concepts that bring visions to life.

Recent Work Experience

2016 - Now, Product Manager & Chief Technology Officer
• Responsible for researching and designing the tech, product, and gamification tools
• The developed prototype got us into Techstars (3000 applicants, 10 openings)
• My deliverables were essential for 400K of funding (Investors and subsidies)
• Managed and coached the development team

2015 - 2016
The house of Indie Business Analyst & Project Manager
• Produced a 7-day game developer summer-school with a €20K budget. Check
• Created a business model so this community could grow without subsidies and grants

2012 - 2014 game studio, Co-founder, Game designer & Developer
• Producer and game designer for a charity while raising some money for the Red Cross Netherlands.
  See for more information.
• Scouted the prototype, arranged IP acquisition for a game.
  Check for the developed result

Computer languages / skills

Good:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Excel, GIT
Known:  PHP, C++, Python, MySQL, GStreamer video manipulation, Wordpress, Linux, NGINX, Amazon AWS, MS Azure cloud, Youtube API, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Word, Powerpoint, most IDE’s

“Over the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure to work with Johnny on many projects in a variety of team formations. Several years ago, we co-founded a company resulting in a period of wonderful projects. In the company, Johnny was mostly active as a producer and businessperson. When Johnny is given a responsibility you can be sure that things will be taken care of. Johnny is ambitious, persistent and optimistic. He keeps his eyes on the prize and will not easily settle for less. Hopefully, our paths cross again in future ventures.”

Tino van der Kraan, Creative Director at ""Sassybot"

“Johnny's presented an invaluable addition to The House of Indie during his internship with us. His financial insights and analytical prowess went a long way to help us organize the first edition of Headstart and to lay the foundation for our incubator program. Johnny is very comfortable working autonomously, and a quick, lateral thinker. Plus, an incredibly snappy dresser!”

Bram Michielsen, Co-founder at "The house of Indie


Techstars Retail ’17: a three-month, high performance business accelerator

2009 - 2015
Indie Game Development, Producer: Bachelor @ NHTV, Netherlands

2006 - 2007
Int. Game Architecture & Design, Programmer: Bachelor @ NHTV, Netherlands

2001 - 2004
Electronics, Digital Technology: Bachelor @ Rens & Rens College, Netherlands
Entrepreneurship: Certificates @ Bedrijfsbeheer (BE) & Business Atelier (NL)


Currently I am fascinated with deep psychological drivers in others and myself. Using my findings, I am developing a UX framework to optimize engagement and retention.

Another fascination is decentralisation. Not necessarily Blockchain based but more the economical, and sociological structures required to be sustainable.

Conversation starters are all things start-up & business. No subject matter is neglected: Tech, HR, programming methods, management styles, hiring processes, pitching, sales, you name it.

Johnny G. Mills
Product Owner and Technical Lead

  • Detailed LinkedIn
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